Leap Frogs/Bedfellows (Season 1, Ep. 2)

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The first part of episode two, “Leap Frogs” is quite controversial. It was pulled from rotation after only a few showings on Nickelodeon. I don’t even remember seeing this episode as a kid, I’m pretty sure the first time I saw it was on my DVD set. The plot revolves around Mrs. Bighead and her stale and sexless (heavily implied) marriage. As the Bigheads get ready for bed, Bev is watching a romance movie, wishing for what the characters have. 

"Kiss me!"
“Kiss me!”

Ed finally comes to bed but ignores his wife’s signals and goes straight to sleep. A cupid sits outside their window and tries to fill Ed with love arrows all night but none of them have any effect. After Ed leaves for work the next morning, Bev goes into a monologue about how she just wants to feel attractive and be loved by a man again. She sees Rocko out the window mowing his lawn and decides to seduce him. She asks him if he would help her out with some odd jobs for a few extra bucks and he reluctantly agrees. He helps program the VCR (I still own one of these lol) and they sit down to watch a nature documentary about the mating of cane toads. The Bigheads themselves are frogs so this is definitely a nod to Mrs. Bighead being all sexed up. The VCR breaks down and Bev gets her eyes caught in it, but it’s okay because Rocko uses the remote to rewind them back into her head. This is just the first of several horrific injuries that Bev endures throughout this episode. Bev offers Rocko some lemonade and things get a little date rape-y. She spikes his drink with Spanish Fly.

I had to look up what Spanish Fly was because I had no idea
I had to look up what Spanish Fly was because I had no idea

It doesn’t have the aphrodisiac effect on Rocko that she had hoped for and she gets sucked into the blender. Rocko’s next task is to help zip up her dress and he accidentally rips the dress off. Bev then makes some further attempts at seducing Rocko by asking if he likes her eyes and demanding a foot massage. The awful smell of her feet sends him into the ceiling fan which shaves off his fur (“You shaved! For me?” heh heh). Bev then gets pulled into the fan herself, making her so dizzy that she throws up all over Rocko. She puts his shirt in the wash and Rocko says he’ll pick it up later. Ed comes home just in time to see Bev paying a shirtless Rocko, whom she then kisses in front of him. Rocko tells Ed that he thinks Bev deserves better, then quickly leaves. That night, Ed brings the sexy and they get out a box of plates to break in the air with their tongues. The End.

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The second half of the episode is titled “Bedfellows.” This is the first time we get to see Heifer’s house. This is also the first time we get to see his family: a group of wolves (his last name is Wolfe). Fun Fact: Heifer’s parents are totally watching The Odd Couple in the opening scene. Hef returns home from working out and discovers that his all of his stuff is gone and that a family of mice has moved into his room.

Screenshot 2015-06-17 17.03.46
Surprise eviction!

Hef’s father calls a family meeting to let everyone know that he got fired and that money is going to be tight. They rented Heifer’s room and moved him into his tree house outside. This is pretty awful when you think about it, Hef is clearly an adopted child and the money-saving sacrifice that his family decided to make was to kick him out. Hef realizes that his tree house is much smaller now that he’s older so he shows up to Rocko’s house in the middle of the night to stay with him. Rocko agrees to let him sleep on the couch for a few days but the couch says it deserves better than Hef’s fat ass and leaves. Hef then gets in bed with Rocko, forcing Rocko to sleep in a dresser drawer because there isn’t room for both of them. His snoring keeps Rocko up and disturbs the whole neighborhood so Rocko gets out a cattle prod that he knew would come in handy some day but it has no effect.

Screenshot 2015-06-17 17.15.51
Just like Batman keeps Kryptonite for emergencies, Rocko keeps a cattle prod

After getting no sleep, Rocko wakes up to Heifer having destroyed his bathroom. He also used all the hot water causing ice to rain down on Rocko from the shower. Later that day, Rocko comes home from work to find that Hef has donated all of his furniture to charity and redecorated the house. Rocko is understandably furious but Hef calms him down with a disgusting dinner that he prepared. While recovering from dinner, Mrs. Wolfe calls and tries to talk her son into coming home but he says he’s going to stay with Rocko forever. The next day or maybe a few days later, I’m not really sure, Rocko comes home to find that Heifer has thrown a nudist party in his backyard. Rocko starts yelling at Hef, telling him that he’s a terrible house guest and that he has to leave, but Hef ignores him and says that Rocko is too difficult to live with and that he’s leaving. Mr. Wolfe shows up to take him home and Rocko gets his house back. That night Mrs. Bighead invites the nudists over and throws an all night party in her backyard. So much for getting any sleep.

Final Thoughts 

I liked this episode as a whole. “Leap Frogs,” while not as bad as it’s sometimes built up, isn’t really an episode for children so I can understand why Nickelodeon pulled it off the air. The story was very adult and probably more relatable for parents than it was for kids. I enjoyed “Bedfellows” because it introduces Heifer’s family and because it shows that even best friends don’t always get along. You could spend all of your time hanging out together, but living together is a completely different situation. Both halves of this episode were filled with craziness and had a lot of hilarious moments, like Rocko’s couch refusing to let Heifer sit on it and then running away. I hope you enjoyed this look at episode two and I hope you stay tuned for more. See you next time!

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