Movies I’ll Hopefully Get to See Soon

Since I didn’t really have anything planned to post this week I figured I’d just talk about some movies I’m looking forward to. I’ve been really wanting to see Inside Out but at the same time I don’t feel it’s a movie I need to see at the big theater (not to mention for Regal’s prices), even though I’ve been hearing great things about it. I’m hoping our small, local movie theater gets it soon. I also hope I can get someone to see it with me because I don’t like being that guy that goes to a movie by himself lol. While I was looking up what movies are currently playing there, I actually stumbled upon something awesome. I had no idea that this theater was doing a classic movie series and I saw that on July 25th they’re doing a showing of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds! And the admission price is only $2! Now, I’m a big fan of horror movies (though I scare easily and they cause me lots of lost sleep) so I’m super excited about this and hope that I get the chance to go. I’ve never really seen any of Hitchcock’s films but I know a lot about them. I have Psycho on Blu-ray but haven’t watched it yet, it’s part of my extensive movie backlog. But watching a classic like that at home just doesn’t compare to actually getting to see it on the big screen, I can’t wait! The only other movie for July (that I can think of right now) that I might see is Ant-Man. It’s a movie I’ll definitely see at some point, but I don’t have plans to see it at the theater unless other people I know decide to go. I think it looks good and I like that Paul Rudd is in it, but it’s just not a priority movie for me.

Now I’m going to switch gears a bit and touch on an upcoming Netflix release I’m looking forward to. On July 31st, Netflix will release and 8 episode prequel series to the movie Wet Hot American Summer. I watched this movie when it went up on Netflix a while back purely because I knew they were making a series about it. I had no idea what it was about, it was simply an impulse watch. I’m still not entirely sure what the hell I watched that night, but I really enjoyed it. It was such a weird and wacky movie with a huge cast (hey look, it’s Paul Rudd again) and I loved every bit of it. This is also the first time I’ve seen Christopher Meloni in something other than Law and Order: SVU (of which I’m a big fan) and he was absolutely hilarious, probably my favorite character. I’m glad to see him return for the prequel in the trailer, which you can watch here, and holy shit look at that hair! Wet Hot American Summer was a big flop but has gained a cult following for good reason. It’s certainly not for everyone but I think it’s a lot of fun if you give it a chance. Well, that’s all I’ve got for now. If anyone out there reading this knows of something else coming out in the near future to look forward to, let me know! Thanks for stopping by, see ya next time!

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