So I Watched a Movie Called Parallels on Netflix Last Night….

I don’t even know where to begin. I was browsing recommendations on Netflix last night and found a movie called Parallels. It sounded pretty interesting and since my cable was out due to a storm, I figured I’d watch it. Parallels is about two siblings, Ronan and Beatrix, who each receive a message from their father, Alex, to return home. They discover that he’s not there and find a bag with a weird device and some odd newspaper clippings. Joined by their friend Harry, they go to the address that was in the message and find an abandoned building. Turns out the building is a machine that can transport them to different versions of Earth, all co-existing simultaneously. Using the building they must find their father and figure out what’s going on. Sounds pretty interesting right? I thought so, but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. I would recommend giving this movie a watch if you haven’t already. There will be minor spoilers ahead but I’ll try not to give anything major away. 

I’m going to start things a little differently by talking about the ending first. I’m not going to say exactly what happens (again, I highly recommend watching this) but I will tell you my reaction to the ending. I screamed ‘what the flying fuck?!’ at the TV. I was just so confused. To say the ending was a little abrupt is an understatement. Some serious shit goes down and then BAM credits roll. I wanted more but there is no more. I still want more, I have quite a few unanswered questions about this movie. After sitting around confused, but refusing to look anything up, I finally gave in and turned to the internet. I found out that there is no sequel, but that it is potentially the beginning of a TV series (I reeeally hope this happens). I browsed through a Reddit AMA that I found by the writer/director of the film, Christopher Leone. Parallels was purposely left open to transition into a TV series. I also found out that Leone is also one of the writers/creators of the Syfy mini-series The Lost Room (I have never heard of it but now want to watch it). On the topic of things I haven’t heard of, I don’t know any of the actors from this movie from anything else. I thought the acting was decent, though the mysterious guy yelling for them to come out of the house was unintentionally funny. There were a few situations where I was concerned about what would happen to them, so I guess I had some kind of connection to the characters. I won’t get into specifics, but overall I liked them. The plot was the real star in my opinion. The idea of parallel Earths was incredibly fascinating to me (it was the whole reason I even watched this after all). The building is covered in graffiti about different Earths and what they’re like which I thought was a neat way of introducing what was going on. I will say one more thing about the characters actually. I was annoyed at Ronan still being skeptical about the multiple universe thing even after having witnessed some pretty strong evidence that that was exactly what they were experiencing. It just irked me a bit, like in a horror movie where a character outright sees a ghost but still thinks there’s a more rational explanation. Anyway, moving on. I was so drawn into this story that it was pretty crushing that there wasn’t any real resolution to it. I just got left with a massive cliffhanger. So that’s all I think I’m going to say about this movie. I highly recommend it if you like intriguing science fiction stories and are looking for something to watch on Netflix. I really hope this does become a series because I would love to see more Earths and find out what the building is and why this is all happening. See ya next time!

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