What I’ve Been Up to

So I haven’t really been posting much on here lately. I’ve been pretty busy, I haven’t given up on my blog or anything like that. A chunk of my time has been taken up by an online class I’m taking about being a veterinary assistant, there’s only a couple of weeks left of it. This week I’m on vacation from work so I’ll have some time to catch up on posts. Also, both yesterday and today, I’ve been at a local comic convention! I don’t really get the chance to go to the bigger cons, so I’m really glad that there’s one I can go to. This year’s celebrity guests are Lloyd Kaufman from Troma Entertainment, Verne Troyer, David Yost and Walter E. Jones (original Power Rangers OMG!). So it’s been a pretty exciting weekend (not so much for my wallet though)! I got pictures with both of the Power Rangers and Verne Troyer (posted on my Twitter). The panel with David Yost and Walter Jones was really fun, they had some cool stories. I bought a lot of cool prints that I got signed by the artists (so much art, so little wall space). I also got the movie Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead and had it signed by Lloyd Kaufman (such a cool guy).


So yea, I’ve had a lot going on lately. Coming up some time this week will be a post on Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds, which I saw on the big screen at the end of last month. Wow that made me realize just how behind I am, ugh. I’ll also be working on some stuff for next month. I’ve decided that all my posts in September will have a theme, but I’m not saying what that is just yet. As long as plans don’t fall through, some time this week I’ll be seeing The Gift. I’ve really been looking forward to seeing it so hopefully I’ll have a review up this week. I’m also thinking of getting the free trial of HBO Now (since it’s available for Chromecast now) so that I can watch more Girls and check out True Detective and maybe Game of Thrones. Not sure what else to watch on HBO, so if anyone has a suggestion drop me a comment. I think that’s everything, now you know what’s been going on with me and what stuff I’ve got coming up on here. See ya next time!

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