I Completely Forgot About My Loot Crate!

I guess I have something cool to talk about today after all. I forgot that I got the time themed Loot Crate for this month and it has some awesome Back to the Future collectibles in it! I’ve only gotten four crates I think, but this is easily my favorite one that I’ve received. I woke up to a delivery conformation on my phone and immediately headed outside to claim my loot. So let’s dive into this month’s box and see what we’ve got!

First up is this month’s shirt. This is the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure item and it has the great message of Be Excellent to Each Other.


Next we have one of the two BTTF items, a Loot Crate Exclusive Doc Brown Funko Pop! I already had the regular Doc Brown figure, but this one is so much cooler. It’s from the clock tower scene and he’s even holding the jumper cables. Very cool!


The second BTTF item is my favorite thing in the box. It’s a 1:5 scale replica of the hover board from Back to the Future II. The included certificate of authenticity says it was created by Quantum Mechanics Inc. under license from Universal Pictures. The board is “floating” over a mirror base and it looks amazing!


The next item is from Doctor Who. It’s a spork designed to look like the Doctor’s screwdriver thing. I’ve never watched Doctor Who and I’m not really that interested in it. So while this is neat, it’s my least favorite item.


Lastly we have the Loot Crate magazine and pin. I love the pin because it has the flux capacitor on it.


The magazine also has a double-sided mini poster in it. One side has the DeLorean’s license plate and the other has a “Who’s Your Doctor” chart.

20151020_13363520151020_133722Well there you have it, the October 2015 Time Loot Crate! The Funko Pop and hover board replica were easily my favorite items, what were yours? Well I’m ‘Outatime’ for now, so see ya next time!

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