Are You Afraid of the Dark? : The Tale of the Frozen Ghost

This episode is from the second season of Are You Afraid of the Dark? and based on the title, I think I actually remember this one. Oh hey, it’s Clarissa! Daphne and Charlie are sent to stay with Charlie’s aunts while his parents are away at a wedding. It’s stated that this winter is very cold (cold enough to freeze a ghost maybe? hmm). The house is a pretty typical spooky old house and the children arrive at night. The aunts seem pretty weird, but that’s probably just because they’re odd old ladies living in a creepy house. Also why did Charlie’s babysitter go with him? Can’t his aunts just watch him? Isn’t that the point of this? I dunno. Charlie is rich, which at least explains why they arrived in a limo. His aunts make a forced sounding comment about ghosts which spooks Charlie. During his bath, he starts hearing voices….but it turns out it’s just his aunts and Daphne talking, which he can hear traveling up the old pipes. They’re discussing money troubles and Daphne asks why they don’t just get rich boys parents to help out. This prompts a story about some crazy family feud between the two sides. Apparently Uncle Charlie hired a criminal who got sent to prison on a train that may have crashed, killing everyone aboard or something. I don’t know, I wasn’t able to follow it. They say the maintenance man left because of the ghost but quickly turn around and say that there isn’t a ghost. These women are terrible at keeping a secret. Charlie has a weird nightmare and he wakes up to see a ghost boy out his window saying “I’m cold.” The ghost boy is creepy just for being a kid. Also, clearly dead child in a children’s show.

The ghost boy disappears and Charlie flips a shit and runs to Daphne’s bed. She kicks him out and says it was just a bad dream. He pleads his case but she just ignores him and slams the door in his face. His aunts believe him the next morning and say the ghost has never spoken to them. Daphne instantly has a turnaround and starts to believe the story. The old ladies tell the kids the story of a boy who used to come around the house looking for cookies and one day he was found frozen to death in the woods, curled up like he was trying to stay warm. No one knows what really happened to him. That’s some pretty damn dark stuff right there. The kids go out to chop wood for the fire and Daphne starts telling Charlie how much of a wimp he is and then she throws mud on his clean clothes. They hear something and then Daphne disappears. Charlie sees footprints appear in the mud and turns around to see the dead kid. He tries to run but the ghost appears everywhere he goes. Charlie gets stuck in some mud and falls down and Daphne appears to pull him out, at which point she sees the ghost for herself. The ghost leads them to the same log Charlie saw in his dream and he finds a jacket inside of it. The ghost boy looks on pointing and then holds his hand out to take the jacket. He puts it on and regains his color before disappearing to finally pass on. A metal things falls out of the jacket and the aunts realize it’s the latch for the stove-pipe. Using the key causes a bunch of hidden gold coins to come spilling out of the stove, solving their money problems. It turns out that the criminal that caused the family feud hid money there and the boy must have found it while he was looking for cookies. This all implies that the guy killed this kid. Again, that’s some pretty dark shit. The End.

This was a really good episode. It was one that I remembered pretty well too. I love how dark this story is. It’s about the murder of a child who did nothing wrong. They don’t directly say he was killed, but the midnight society’s sum up quite heavily implies that he was murdered because he found the stolen money. This is one of the reasons that I generally like Are You Afraid of the Dark more than Goosebumps. Goosebumps was more goofy and fantastical, while AYAOTD was often times more serious. It made for some seriously scary episodes (The Tale of Deadman’s Float comes to mind, that creature was nightmare inducing). Well that was the last episode for tonight. I had a lot of fun live writing while watching the show and I might do more of this sort of thing in the future. But now I must be off to bed. See ya next time!

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