Trailer Tuesday: The Boy (2016)

Link to the trailer: The Boy (2016)

Director: William Brent Bell

My Thoughts:

I came across this trailer in the recommended videos section on YouTube. After watching it, I thought it looked like a pretty creepy movie and I’ll probably check it out. It’s about a girl who takes a job as a nanny for an English family. She discovers that their son is a life-size porcelain doll that they treat like a living child. She disobeys the strict rules that must be followed (because of course she does) and things get creepy. It appears that the doll may actually be alive. I hadn’t heard of the director before so I looked him up. After doing this, I realized that’s he’s the one who directed The Devil Inside and now I’m not so sure that The Boy will be good. I like the concept, I think it has some potential, and I genuinely find dolls to be creepy, but William Brent Bell doesn’t seem to have the best track record with horror movies. Also, the release date is set for January 22, 2016. January horror movies usually aren’t good ones. Everything seems to point to this being another terrible horror movie but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. That’s all for this week’s Trailer Tuesday, let me know what you think of The Boy. See ya next week!

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