Trailer Tuesday Classic: A Christmas Story (1983)


Link to the trailer: A Christmas Story (1983)

Director: Bob Clark

My Thoughts:

This is one of my all time favorite Christmas movies (and probably one of my favorite movies in general)! From memorable line like “You’ll shoot your eye out” to Darren McGavin’s amazing performance as The Old Man, there is just so much to love about¬†A Christmas Story. This was actually the first time I’ve seen a trailer for this movie. I loved the freeze frame on the snowball nailing Ralphie in the face when the title appeared, it was hilarious.¬†A Christmas Story also has one of the freakiest Santas, like that guy is just unsettling. Who yells “ho ho ho” at a kid while looking at them all bug-eyed? No wonder Randy burst into tears. Oh yea and the leg lamp. How could I write about this movie without mentioning the iconic leg lamp? It was such a ridiculous prize. The Old Man also has one of the funniest lines of the movie: “Aaah! “Fra-GEE-leh!” It must be Italian!” That makes me laugh out loud every time. I can’t wait until the 24-hour marathon starts. What are some of your favorite moments? That’s all I’ve got for this week, I need to go deck my harrs with boughs of horry. See ya next year* and Merry Christmas!

*Note: I won’t be posting a Trailer Tuesday next week. Instead I will be posting a bonus classic Christmas movie trailer on Christmas Eve.

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