Trailer Tuesday Announcement

So I decided to start a regular segment thing on here. Every Tuesday (as long as I have a movie to talk about) I’ll do a post about the trailer for an upcoming movie. If I can’t find anything new that I want to spotlight then I may talk about old trailers for movies I like. I have ideas for the next few weeks and I’m actually going to start writing up a blog schedule for myself so that I can try to get on track to work on this thing regularly (generally an empty promise, I know). Anyone out that who reads my blog regularly (if you exist) or that has checked out my blog will know that I’ve been terrible at keeping up with posts or actually posting things that I’ve mentioned to be upcoming in other posts. I really want to work on this blog but I’m just terrible at motivating myself (anyone reading this, feel free to comment and set a fire under me to get writing!). I’m hoping that having a written schedule that fits in with my actual works schedule will help. It will make it feel more important. So for the next three weeks at least, I have trailers to talk about. I’m currently writing them up to schedule, so be assured that this will actually happen lol. Also, if anyone who checks this out knows of an upcoming movie that I may not have heard of, let me know and I’ll check it out. That’s all I’ve got for now, see ya next time!