Are You Afraid of the Dark? : The Tale of the Frozen Ghost

This episode is from the second season of Are You Afraid of the Dark? and based on the title, I think I actually remember this one. Oh hey, it’s Clarissa! Daphne and Charlie are sent to stay with Charlie’s aunts while his parents are away at a wedding. It’s stated that this winter is very cold (cold enough to freeze a ghost maybe? hmm). The house is a pretty typical spooky old house and the children arrive at night. The aunts seem pretty weird, but that’s probably just because they’re odd old ladies living in a creepy house. Also why did Charlie’s babysitter go with him? Can’t his aunts just watch him? Isn’t that the point of this? I dunno. Charlie is rich, which at least explains why they arrived in a limo. His aunts make a forced sounding comment about ghosts which spooks Charlie. During his bath, he starts hearing voices….but it turns out it’s just his aunts and Daphne talking, which he can hear traveling up the old pipes. Read More »

Are You Afraid of the Dark? : The Tale of the Laser Maze

The intro to this show is still genuinely creepy (damn clown doll). The Tale of the Laser Maze is one of Tucker’s stories. I don’t remember the later episodes where Tucker took over the midnight society as much as the earlier stuff. The story starts with two girls, Ashley and Cara, fighting in a Tae Kwon Do match. Turns out they’re sisters and they don’t have a very good win/lose dynamic after their match and the teacher tells them to get along. After class a weirdo named Drake approaches them and tells them that the match was awesome and he thinks they’d make great players for his companies new game that’s only for the “best of the best”, the Laser Maze.After arriving at the arena, they ask where everyone else is and find out that it’s just them. Seems pretty fishy. The Laser Maze is like laser tag, but they shoot the lasers from they’re goggles and aim by looking. This actually sounds pretty awesome if you ask me. Ashley scores the first point, quickly followed by a point for Cara. Drake is shown monitoring them from some room, taking note of things like they’re accuracy and agility. Read More »

I Completely Forgot About My Loot Crate!

I guess I have something cool to talk about today after all. I forgot that I got the time themed Loot Crate for this month and it has some awesome Back to the Future collectibles in it! I’ve only gotten four crates I think, but this is easily my favorite one that I’ve received. I woke up to a delivery conformation on my phone and immediately headed outside to claim my loot. So let’s dive into this month’s box and see what we’ve got!

First up is this month’s shirt. This is the Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure item and it has the great message of Be Excellent to Each Other.

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The Newer KFC Commercials Are Less Weird

Darrell Hammond is no longer the creepy colonel in KFC’s commercials. I for one am pretty happy about that, nothing against Hammond (again if it was a skit on SNL I probably would’ve found it hilarious), but as advertising for the company it was just plain wrong. Now we have Norm Macdonald in the white suit. I like Norm’s version of the colonel much better, he seems more straightforward and doesn’t come off as an unsettling chicken fiend (at least I don’t think so). I’ve only seen one ad with him where he references the previous commercials saying that that guy wasn’t the colonel because he is the real Colonel Sanders. I’m not sure if there are other ones or not (I haven’t really been paying attention), but that’s the one I see the most. Read More »

I’ve Been Watching A Lot of Netflix Lately

This is just another quick post about what I’ve been watching lately. I’ve been trucking right through a bunch of stuff on Netflix. I caught up on two series and started some others. So here’s a quick list up my recent Netflix history:


I finally finished the last few episodes I had of Netflix’s Daredevil series. I absolutely loved this version of Daredevil (much better than the early 2000s Ben Affleck movie). It was very brutal, which is quite different from the more lighthearted MCU films. There were so many cringe worthy and uncomfortable moments of violence. I think the most intense was a scene where a guy gets his head bashed in by a car door, I think I yelled ‘oh shit’ a few times during it while freaking out (this coming from a horror fan, go figure). I would very much recommend this series and I’m really excited for season 2. Read More »

The New KFC Commercials Are Weird

Seriously WTF? I’ve seen these commercials several times at this point and I still find them weird as hell. They took Colonel Sanders and turned him into a crazy person that’s obsessed with chicken. He’s got a really creepy air about him. I like KFC and I like Darrell Hammond but I feel this portrayal of The Colonel is something you’d see in an SNL skit and not as an official ad for the company. From what I’ve read online, I’m not the only person that doesn’t like these commercials. It seems that A LOT of people don’t like them. It’s like they’re mocking him instead of honoring him. And I don’t think the real Colonel Sanders would want to put chicken in the lemonade, that just sounds disgusting. I’m sure there are people out there that do like these ads and think they’re funny but I’m one of them. I just figured I’d write what I thought of them for the hell of it. They’ve actually played a few times while I was writing this. Well there’s my two cents on the matter and that’s all I got for now. See you next time!

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Leap Frogs/Bedfellows (Season 1, Ep. 2)

Screenshot 2015-06-17 16.09.14

The first part of episode two, “Leap Frogs” is quite controversial. It was pulled from rotation after only a few showings on Nickelodeon. I don’t even remember seeing this episode as a kid, I’m pretty sure the first time I saw it was on my DVD set. The plot revolves around Mrs. Bighead and her stale and sexless (heavily implied) marriage. As the Bigheads get ready for bed, Bev is watching a romance movie, wishing for what the characters have. Read More »

My Top 5 Regular Show Episodes (Seasons 1-3)

I love Regular Show! It’s one of my favorite TV shows and, in my opinion, one of the best cartoons on TV right now. I figured I’d do a quick post about it so that I has something to put up on here. I’ve fallen behind on the show quite a bit so I’m limiting my top 5 episodes to the first three seasons (mainly because I have them on DVD). I love all the episodes so it was hard to narrow them down, but here are my top 5 picks:Read More »